In terms of living and working today, to save time most breakfast for us is to eat in a restaurant or by the road when passing. The food of fast food restaurants always meet the taste of young people, most of them have characteristics such as: high fat, high in protein, many calories, many sugar.

If breakfast is often eaten, these foods not only lead to nutritional imbalance, but also potentially many diseases. So how is breakfast good for the body?
After a long night’s sleep, we consumed a large amount of water and nutrition. Therefore, when waking up the body will fall into physiological water shortage. If only breakfast will not be supplemented with water shortage.

Therefore, waking up in the morning should immediately drink 500-800 ml of cold water to supplement the lost water and clean the intestinal tract. But be careful to drink only the amount you need not too much before breakfast.

Breakfast, if you can add fruit, is more quality. Fruit rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber and minerals not only stimulate appetite, it also promotes intestinal peristalsis and balances acidity in the body.