To decorate the living room with a staircase that becomes beautiful, in a modern, luxurious style and with feng shui is not a simple matter. This is quite a headache for homeowners owning pipes, townhouses or villas. Beautiful House Sang has collected and synthesized a lot of sample rooms with beautiful and impressive stairs, bringing many different styles, but they all bring the most comfortable living space.

The first living room takes advantage of the stairs to make decorative shelves and TV shelves always, this is a very smart idea to save space to bring a wider living space for the room. The dominant white tones of the walls and floor have highlighted the shelves of television, tea tables and charcoal.
This is the interior of the living room with stairs of the tube house decorated with modern and tidy, the staircase is completely painted white with the color of the floor and the wall brings a broader and broader view. The living room interior is also more prominent with a gray sofa, brown table and shelves, decorative wine racks are used as room dividers.