Just a small detail but the window design for the bedroom is very important because it determines the aesthetics of the entire room.

Many families want to keep the bedroom airy and cool and open many windows while the bedroom area is too narrow. This is a mistake that not only does not guarantee the aesthetics of the room but also causes inconvenience and difficulties in interior decoration. Window design is too small in size compared to the bedroom area is a mistake that makes the air difficult to circulate, creating a suffocating and secretive feeling.

So, you should design the window size based on the size of the bedroom. Ideally, you should leave your bedroom window smaller than the door about 2-3 times. Another mistake many people make is the big bedroom window in the West and Northwest. This causes too much sunshine to enter the bedroom, especially in the afternoon afternoons in the summer, causing heat and suffocation.

Therefore, in the West and Northwest, you should only open a small window to minimize the sunshine during the day and the cold wind. Instead, you can create large windows in the South and Southeast directions to receive more sunshine and cool breezes in the summer.