Thinking about creating a larger bedroom than the real area, you can’t ignore the versatile furniture. In addition to being a suitable interior scale, other versatile functions of furniture such as hidden storage, decoration … will help your small bedroom more spacious. A wooden bed frame with shelves built on the headboard, or a design that combines a wardrobe under the bed, or a drawer to store clothes, shoes, cloths … That way, you can take advantage every centimeter in the bedroom without worrying about being cramped.

Many people think that using the bench at the end of the bed is a useful storage solution, but this is not true. It may be the place where you throw away the clothes you have worn but not before washing, where miscellaneous furniture is sprawled and the space looks messy and uncomfortably uncomfortable. To combat this, think about wall shelves, stools, or a small wooden chair. Ignore the unnecessary seats and put the things you need to be neat, the space itself will become wider than the real area.