Because the café is usually a meeting place and meeting with friends, your customers need a certain space to chat without being bothered. Do not save and take advantage of space with a way to distribute space between sitting positions too close together, as this will create a feeling of discomfort and lack of privacy when customers want to talk.

You should try the experience of sitting and chatting between the tables, so it will be the most practical experience for you to position the table properly. It is not necessary to arrange the position of the village according to rigid framework, can break the position of the seat to create a highlight for the style of the shop. In addition, after a while you can try to arrange and rearrange the positions in the office to create a sense of airy and new space for customers.

Cafe interior decoration
For cafes, the restaurant interior should be arranged in harmony with the wall color. You should not use too many warm colors or have too many cool colors in a bar space but should interleave these colors together in the most reasonable way. The tendency to use gentle pastel colors or warm brown tones to create a luxurious feeling is very popular today. In addition to decorating it, you should also use the synchronous items along with those colors to create the compatibility and give the shop a unique unique space. The arrangement of cafe tables and chairs is also a way of creating your own space