Modern items such as a dining table, bed with integrated furniture, … are raining and starting to heat up in the furniture market because they are favored by customers because of its usability and aesthetics. . They help you become more modern in today’s life, making our lives much simpler and more comfortable.

Currently, the trend of choosing smart furniture designs is increasingly popular, even in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at a few designs that you can refer to “buy” right at your home.

Smart “sofa” beds and sofas
7 design that is smart to give you the name, hep – 2
If you are looking for a smart interior design that integrates both beds, sofas and lockers in just one item, you certainly cannot ignore this cleverly folded bed. During the day, it is used as a table and chair in the living room, with a large section of furniture behind, extremely luxurious.

When night comes, the living room immediately “turns” the bedroom with just one step to lower the headrest of the lounge chair down, so you can “pool” 2 spaces into one with only one piece of furniture.

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