The size of the house is too tight, making it difficult for you to design an appropriate working position. A wooden cabinet just makes the bookshelf neat, when it needs to be easily opened into a super convenient desk, what do you need more in this wonderful interior?

Just choose the right color for your living space, install it at the corner of the house or any small location you can take advantage of, so you have a comfortable working corner “cum” with the existing bookcase Great

Storing furniture in the drawers under the bed is a common practice and most people know, but not everyone thinks of storing under the floor. This is really a clever way to help you make the most of the space in a small room.
Floors should use solid, quality wood, can be used as a bed, along with creating cabinets to store furniture. The problem is that when creating a box under the floor, you need to handle well the moisture resistance and termite to keep things well.